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Default Re: Misconceptions/myths of the Betta!!

I am sorry if you misunderstood my 13 year old mind, but i was trying to get people to see perspective, to see the situation differently. I wasnt supporting anyone and i know how you feel about the betta being in the OH Betta "bowl". I am an animal lover like all of you and believe it or not i want to work with animals when i grow up.

I also don't understand why you are mad at me? And why you are mad? Yes the betta's are being treated unfairly and some people don't even know how to take care of fish. When i watch Animal Precint on Animal Planet i'm not smiling about how skinny those dogs or cats are or how the rooster fights get caught and how animals die. I am an animal and fish love like all of you.

Also talking online and even arguing online is the stupidest thing ever! You don't know me personally therefore you cannot judge me. You don't know how i feel on the topic and you didn't see me bite my lip when i saw that O "bowl".

The reason of this post from Bernie was to understand, once again, the mistreatment of fish, especially betta saimese fighting fish. It was never for cuss words to be thrown, anger to be brought upon one another, and especially staying off topic.

Sorry for the "not" support. I guess i have sucky sportsmanship (I am actually a wonderful team player, just BTW). Lighten up Cher and everyone else.
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