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Default Re: where can I get bulbs?

I spent a little extra and got two 18 inch bulbs for the two flouresent hoods: one Coralife 50/50 (on the 20 gallon tank) and one bulb for keeping reptiles that also is for promoting plant growth on the other tank (10 gallon), the other ten gallon tank has a 25 watt blue incandescent bulb and a 15 watt white flourescent (the kind that screw into an incandescant fixture).

The plants in the 10 gallon tank with the incandescant bulb are looking great (amazon sword, wisteria, and I think balansae) these also get indirect natural light through the day as we keep the bedroom window shades open during the day and the window is on the west side of the house. The plants in the other 10 gallon tank have perked up since I put the bulb for reptiles in that tank hood, and it also gets indirect light (just a little less than the other 10 gallon tank as it is on the same wall of the room but on the other side of the window and gets a little less light). I have only a start of wisteria in the 20 gallon tank with the coralife 50/50 bulb and it seems to have perked up, this tank doesn't get alot of ambient natural light as there is a tree shading that bedroom window (east side of the house) and we don't usually open the blinds in there.

But I am definately interested in ideas incase this doesn't work well.