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Default bumping up temps??

i have noticed my tanks temps arent getting as high as i like, and as high as they used to..

i like keeping my parrot tank 79-81..lately i notice its staying around 76-78.had thermometer set at 80. i bumped the thermometer up to 82 and its staying the same..i dont wanna cook my fish by bumping it too much..

my krib tank is hanging around 72..i ahve 2 heaters on it that are for a 55 gallon.the lights dont stay on constantly, and they are maxed out on the temp setting which should be 78.

im sure keeping my house in the mid to high 60s is a cause of this??
can i add a heater thats for a bigger size tank to these tanks and get my temps up??

both of these tanks are 55 gallons.