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Default Re: Are Betta Bubble Nests Really a Sign of Contentment?

Here are a couple more interesting articles:

It is hard to know what to believe sometimes with all the info. now available on the net and there may be just as many opinions out there as there are fish, but they can give us food for thought. As mentioned in the articles re: How often they build nests...each fish is different! As with any pet, I think it comes down to getting to know your fish's individual behaviour/mannerisms...what is normal for one may not be for the other, each one may react/behave differently and we shouldn't assume that everything we read necessarily applies to all....Your little betta has shown that I think Stormy! Sorry to hear he is still sick.

The previous article said that the size of the bubbles were smaller to those of the sick bettas bubbles...but I really do not know what size they actually should be.


God bess him ....they sure can surprise us. Toby,(RIP) when he had a swim bladder disorder, couldn't swim, so I put him in a bowl, to make his life easier. The little twit made bubble nests daily!!! I tried to explain to him that he was in no shape to handle a female......

Yes! God Bless little Toby ...nesting right to the end...natural instinct is a very powerful thing!

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