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Default Re: 2 new black sharks

I really think LFS should have info tags on the tanks- like laminated index cards with high quality font with the compatability, max growth size and tank size for fish.

Irridescent sharks are so darn cool looking (IMO) and I have known quite a few people who bought them for 10 gallon tanks and the fish store people just LET them.

I would love to have them in my 75 gallon but I think they would even outgrow that...

good luck with yours though please post pics so we can envy you

Originally Posted by sesquipedalianis View Post
bad, bad me.. i went to the the lfs , looking for snails for the tank with the baby danios, and decided to buy 2 new sharks a red tail and a rainbow, since we decided to to leave bruce and jaws in the bedroom tank..
2 black tail sharks caught my attention( to be honest, 3 did but i left the 3rd there)..well in a spur of the moment decision i buy them, not knowing they get sooo big..pretty lil things, playful, and love the bubbles and caves..they are now named Chum and Chopper

anyone know much about these.. i have read they get big, arent aggressive but to those of its kind when they get bigger..dont get sick easy, and adapt to most water temps..

anyhting else i should know?
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