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Wow Sharon what lovely looking fish. So they are a pair of rams is that right? If so I must do some reading up on them. I guess you have been 'fishy' for some time now judging by numbers of tanks and diverse species you have in those tanks.

And maybe, or maybe not, you will be proven right about maleness being ready????
8gal tank - cycling.

21gal tropical community tank
4platys 2swordtail 2Guppys 6Harlequins 2bristlenose 5 pristella tetra

8gal nursery tank
3 platysloadza different fry that will need a good home soon
400gal cold saltwater tank
2 - lobster6 starfish3 blennies2 pipefish2 scorpion fish 4 butterfish 6 different crabs anemones and mussels

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