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Default Re: Lowering water temperatures

Hi Dano,

Well if i'd started fishkeeping sooner, i definately would have let you know.

The truth is, i only started fishkeeping mid 2007 and must admit that i'm hooked and my wife thinks i'm obsessed hehe.

55gal community tank
2 x Green Terrors, 2 x Jack Dempsey, 2 x Electric Yellow,
1 x Synspilium, 3 x Pleco, 1 x Convict

20gal breeding tank
Female Black Convict
Hundreds of fry

10gal breeding tank
Male Crowntail Betta
Lots of fry

3 x Guppies, 1 x Swordtail

2 x female bettas and 1 x male in their own containers.