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Default Re: Dano Questions about Hornwort

I got a three starts of anachris and only one is thriving... that being said Hornwort and anachris are controlled specie in some states as they can get into the waterways (rivers, lakes, ponds, canals, irrigation and drainage ditches) and go nuts producing, thus choking out native plants. duckweed also is sometimes controlled.

I like a little in my tanks and if I have excess I can't give away I will lay it out on the concrete where critters can't get to it until it is dead, then I put it in the flowerbed to fertalize the flowers. I also pour my water from doing water changes on the flowerbeds and the houseplants. I have some plants outside that have flowered three times so far this year and they are only supposed to flower once and then die back until the following year.