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Default Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)

Here's my 10 gallon A couple things are different right now since I'm always changing stuff.

50w visitherm stealth heater
150gph aquaclear filter w/biomax
19w florescent stock lighting

Fake resin driftwood (much less mess)
Lava rock
Epoxy coated gravel
Quartz cluster (not pictured but one of the few aquarium-safe minerals)

5 black neon tetras
1 sparkling gourami
2 ottocinclus

Anubias nana
Aponogeton crispus (flowers regularly)
Mystery anubias
Amazon sword
Windelov Java fern

30-40% water changes weekly
Swish filter media in dechlorinated water every other month
Lights on for 11ish hours per day
Dose Seachem's Flourish Excel liquid carbon 3 times weekly
Dose Nutrafin+iron and Seachem's Flourish liquid ferts 2 times weekly each
Supplement every other month with Jungle Lab root tabs
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