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Default Re: Small Tanks (20 gallons and smaller)

Hello everyone! I am very happy to have found this website. Thanks Tim. I am relativley new to the hobby. Very addictive! But you all already know that right? I started with a 10 gallon tank that cycled with a few whiteclouds (the little buggers are still big and strong0. I also have 2 creamsicle lyretail mollies (males), 3 female bettas, and two green cory's. A month or so ago I got a small bookshelf aquarium 6gallons or so (is there a way to tell how many gallons the tank is by it's measurements?). I have a male crowtail betta (I call him curly cuz one of his little fin parts seems to be perminatly curly. His tank mates are one leapard cory (just recently read that they are happies in groups...should I move him to the 10 gallon tanks? I know I'm kind pushing the "overstock" button on that thank...what to do..what to do...) and also 3 silver tip tetras...again..I read they are happiest in groups of 5 or more...contimplating getting a couple more...but don't want to over stock my 6 gal. Decisions...decisions.
1.) 6 gal(?) tank. There really are fish in there.
2.) Bettas are hard to photograph!...a couple tetras in the background.
3.) 10 gal
4.) Mollies are the only ones who like the cameara.
5.) YOu can see a few bettas in this one. (females).

Oh..why do the attachments have to be soo small? If I save them in different formats would they be bigger?

All for now.'ll soon learn I'm long winded. oops.
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