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Bettas Questions and comments about bettas

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fishead fishead is offline
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Default Blackwater extract?

I've seen this recommended for bettas. Anyone use it?

My ph is naturally high and I don't chemically alter it, and the water is hard.

Blackwater extract would seem to be a good way to naturally lower the ph and soften the water a bit. It would, of course, run counter to the idea of getting an Apple snail. However, from what I've read the two can certainly coexist, but the conditions would be at best a compromise for both and at worst ideal for one and barely adequate for the other.

Considering the issues I've had with this tank, I'm now leaning toward it being Betta only.
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D.Gray D.Gray is offline
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Default Re: Blackwater extract?

I called kent Marine a couple months ago asking about the freshwater plant suppliment to make sure it was safe for shrimp and also asked about the "Blackwater". I was thinking the blackwater was a plant fertilizer but wanted to make sure what it was and what it was used for. I was told that the black water is used in discus tanks or other tanks where softer water is needed and it will soften the water and lower the ph a little as well as giving the water a 'tannin' color.

I don't know if it is recomended for betta or if an apple snail would do well in a tank where the blackwater supliment was used.


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