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Tropical Fish Compatibility Questions and comments about compatibility

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Default Add Angels or Not...

I have a 30 gal that has been running for years with tetra, but I haven't added anybody new in well over a year and some of my others have died out. My favorite was a columbian that I had for 5 years. I'm left with 2 black skirts (3 years old), 2 black neons (full grown), 2 lemons, a white skirt and a silver tip. I need to get something for cleanup (another catfish or pleco). After that, I'm thinking about adding one or more angelfish, but I'm not sure if that's a death sentence for the black neons. Do you think this would work, and if so, how many should I get? I do have another tank (10 gal) with 2 buenos aires and 3 columbians, but I'd rather not move the neons into there. The ba's are in that tank because they couldn't play nice with the other tetras years ago, so they'd probably pick on the neons in there, too.
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Default Re: Add Angels or Not...

Try one or two small ones (quarter size) and see what happens.
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