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valley's Avatar
valley valley is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 30
Default do your fish become your pets,

hi every one, been stuck in all winter,so nothing like fish to keep you occupied,almost got shut of my 3 pb,s today, there getting bigger by the day, got up all set to take them back to my local aquatic,3rd time attempt mind you, and still could,t part with them,any one out there like me or are your fish just fish to you and you can part with them,?
Come on folks,lets be honest,even if it means buying another tank, this is my 4th,
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Dano's Avatar
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Goose Creek SC USA
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Default Re: do your fish become your pets,

I have had fish that I have become fond of over the years....I have made special efforts to keep those fish happy and healthy so I could enjoy them as long as possible.
I got off the porch and ran with the big dogs. Now I can't get back on the porch!
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Pirasha's Avatar
Pirasha Pirasha is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 19
Default Re: do your fish become your pets,

I find that I get much more attached to my fish if I only have a few in the tank. For example right now I have a tank for my male betta Westley and another for my girls, female bettas: mystic, yin, yang, and nessarose. I am much more attached to my bettas then I am of the guppies that I have.

Now I know that some of this reason is because I am more of betta person then a guppy person, but I feel that I can't get the one on one communication with a full tank then I can with only a few fish in there. With few fish you really get to know thier individual personalities that make them all the more special.
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valley's Avatar
valley valley is offline
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 30
Default Re: do your fish become your pets,

hereh here , Ihave to agree,
50g tank, 3 parrots, 3 clown,3 cories 2 ballas.[all my babies.] next to my dogs.

20g tank
1 red cap,2 calico,s [in hex tank on breakfast bar]

15g tank
1 angel [ he is a rescue, and awaiting to be returned to my son do to house alterations ] I was worried for the angel, but he,s doing well. I,M getting attatched slowly,but he will have to be returned due to the tank size, Im doing my best for him at the moment,but I bet hes missing the room.

10g tank
5 neons [also my sons ]
my hospital tank, all doing well. not attatched to them but they too are well cared for at the present,

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