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Default Re: Goldfish at fairs and Carnivals

I know people use bettas as take home wedding gifts but I've never heard of goldfish.
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Default Re: Goldfish at fairs and Carnivals

We also had them at fairs as prizes many many many yrs ago, but I think eventually, after concerns started being raised by people, the RSPCA eventually stepped in & stopped the practice.

I have never heard that about the wedding gifts though! what if the person didn't want it, what would happen to the poor fish?

The things fish have to put up with, it is so very sad!!
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Default Re: Goldfish at fairs and Carnivals

It is sad, Bernie. I did ask someone who was using the fish as gifts, what happens if the guest doesn't want it, and she said..."Oh, they just don't take it." I'm hoping they got returned to the store, but I somehow doubt it.........

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Default Re: Goldfish at fairs and Carnivals

We still have goldfish at carnivals and smaller fairs where I live. It is sad to me now, but when I was younger I loved winning a fish I once had a goldfish from the Apple Festival that lived for 3 years. I cried when she died

The wedding gift one is news to me! That sounds like a bad idea and I also hope the fish would be returned to a pet store.
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Default Re: Goldfish at fairs and Carnivals

I wouldent mind a little gold fish like the ones at the carnival, but i woudl think they get as big as coy, am i right? They dont stay the size you get them at the carnival.

The guy i go to has a 5 gal he keeps his plants in and has little gold and white gold fish like the carnival ones in there. I wouldent mine one of each, but i dont want them getting much bigger.
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: Goldfish at fairs and Carnivals

Goldfish continue to grow their whole life NewGuy! & they can live for 30 yrs or so, if in the right conditions, which is why they need very big tanks.

They usually don't live that long because they are kept in inadequate conditions.
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fishead fishead is offline
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Default Re: Goldfish at fairs and Carnivals

I think a lot of people would be very surprised to learn how big they can get. For a loooong time I thought goldfish would max out at about 5" or so; I knew Koi grew very large but not goldfish.

Probably the worst thing for goldfish is that they usually don't require a heater. I think people make a leap from that to 'they're easy to take care of and don't require a lot'.
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