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Catfish, Plecos and Loaches Questions and comments about catfish, plecos and loaches.

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Default Re: Are Kuli's livebearers?

That is a hard way to go, but may be the only solution. If it were me I would leave the UGF out when I reassembled things. Good luck.
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Default Re: Are Kuli's livebearers?

I've heard of kuhlis burrowing beneath the plates of an UGF many times before.

You have only two choices: leave them there or remove the UGF.

Waste material and gunk builds up under the plates of an UGF. If you remove an established UGF, you will find a big gross sheet of sludge.

I probably wouldn't want a fish living in that nastiness. I would say, grab a friend and remove the UGF.

They could also, of course, find their own way out, but they may not. Incidentally, i once read that kuhlis burrowing down under the plates of a UGF had bred and established a small colony under there. But I don't see the point in attempting to breed them in this way; theres no way to feed them and no way to view them to enjoy them.
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