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Catfish, Plecos and Loaches Questions and comments about catfish, plecos and loaches.

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Default Botias

You may remember the two little loaches(Botia) that I rescued. The Zebra Botia(dark one) has never recovered from "skinny disease" and hasn't grown much, but he seems happy and healthy, but skinny. The Tiger is the king of the tank. He gets a little aggressive, but does little harm other than harassing the others. I will have to move him in the near future.
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Default Re: Botias

They're nice looking fish! How big do they get?(I know I can Google but the heat has got me exhausted! )

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Location: Goose Creek SC USA
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Default Re: Botias

I think both can get up to 6 inches. I have been hunting for more of the Zebras, as loaches and most Botia of this type do well in family groups. The Tiger is a little over 4 inches and is getting a little boisterous. When I find him a good home, he is gone.
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Neoblaze550 Neoblaze550 is offline
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Default Re: Botias

Is he an Ornate tiger botia?

At one point in time I was looking for some of these to put in my 40 gal.
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Neoblaze (Aka Cole )
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Default Re: Botias

He is a plain old Tiger Botia. The Ornate Tiger Sand Loach is a different looking fish.
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Default Re: Botias

ya....I love tigers
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3 Gallon Vase( i am getting a bigger on this weekand): 1 Lavender female betta.
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: Botias

I'm glad they are doing so well Dano..."Skinny" looke like he has grown a bit. Shame that you will have to rehome the tiger.
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Default Re: Botias

Nice pics Glad to see that they are both doing well wtg!
oOоO,oO - G~s
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