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Catfish, Plecos and Loaches Questions and comments about catfish, plecos and loaches.

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agentpuppet agentpuppet is offline
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Default advice?

i need some advice please. when ever i buy plecos they seem to die in around 7-15 days
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D.Gray D.Gray is offline
Join Date: Sep 2008
Location: Boardman, Oregon
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Default Re: advice?

What are your tank perameters (temp, ph, nitrate, nitrite, amonia). How long has your tank been set up? Are you feeding the right food?

Any of these issues could cause an untimely death in a tropical fish. I buy algae wafers made for plecos to feed shrimp and other bottom feeders.

Hope this helps,
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Greensleeves's Avatar
Greensleeves Greensleeves is offline
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Default Re: advice?

How sad

I'd check the parameters and let us know what they are... also be sure to feed the plecos enough and be sure to use water conditioner when you change your tank water...
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Dano Dano is offline
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Default Re: advice?

I was hoping that Sharon would pick up on this thread as she has had some pleco losses. I have read and heard of plecos dieing from the lack of a certain type of bacteria that grows in their gut that aids in digestion. They weaken and literally starve to death. The symptoms are a hollow or sunken belly. The bacteria apparently are killed off during the process of storage and shipping. Perhaps the meds the shippers and store owners put in their water to kill off possible contagious organisms from being shipped along with the fish. The whole capture and shipping ordeal is extremely stressing on fish so they are usually not in the best of health when you buy them. If the new stressed fish go into water that isn't in good condition it is highly likely that there is going to be deaths. Also many people buy plecos with out knowing anything about their care and they die off sometimes very cruelly.
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Sharon Sharon is offline
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Default Re: advice?

Sorry...I missed this. I really don't have a lot of experience with Plecos, other than the Gold Nugget, which has a reputation for dying. I have lost two, within a few months of adding them to my tank. I have assumed from my experience that the gut bacteria died during transit. After doing research I could find no other explanation, in my case...Hope this helps.

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