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Bettas Questions and comments about bettas

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Default New enlightened betta owner!

I just wanted to share with you guys my story... I went to VA to visit my family and I found out that my youngest brother has had a male betta for about a year, in one of those mini-tanks that doesn't even hold a gallon of water, in his bedroom where no one ever goes and the temperature gets cold sometimes. He didn't know much about caring for it, and he said the tank instructions called for water changes once a month ( ). He had only fed it betta granules. I was surprised to see it still alive, but not so surprised to see significant fin rot and white fungus patches on the tail and dorsal fin. There is such misinformation out there about these fish, it's really a shame.

So off we went to the LFS for a new 10-gallon setup, test kits, water change supplies, and freeze-dried bloodworms. We set it up in the family room, where people hang out more often and the temperature is more constant. After adding the old gravel and decor, and matching water temp and pH, we put him in the new tank and I really think he is a lot happier. He is much more active (but not really eating yet). I am keeping the temp around 80 degrees and I added aquarium salt (1 tsp per gallon yesterday and another tsp per gallon today) to help him recover from the infections. I am considering some Jungle Labs Fungus Clear if this doesn't work. I know the whole move was stressful for the fish but the finrot was almost to the base of the pectoral fin on one side and things were looking grim if he stayed in that tiny bowl.

I have to go back home tomorrow but I think I opened my brother's eyes to the complexity of fish care. I gave him this website so he can benefit from the wealth of knowledge here as much as I have. I hope the betta makes it - I will post an update!
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Default Re: New enlightened betta owner!

Glad to hear you helped your lil brother out with his Betta. Before I had access to the internet, I too had a betta in a small 1/2 gallon betta bowl. I agree, It really is a shame that people are so misinformed about Bettas. They are such beautiful fish and you really can tell a difference in behavior when they are given the proper environment. I hope your brother Betta gets better!!!

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