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Filters and Powerheads Questions and comments about aquarium filters and powerheads

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sandygirl sandygirl is offline
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Default filters

Is there a internet place that one can to to research the different types of filters. When you live in a small town your local person may only offer one or two different kinds. I only have experience with 2 different ones and I do think that there has to be something better than what I have. The one from Walmart that looks after my gold fish is alright and does the job. The other one has to many parts and requires so much care and maintenance not to mention cost of replacing all the components. One has to keep a diary to remember when, what and how to look after it. Change this wash that, don't change all at once etc. There has to be something simple for people like me. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I love my fish but also I do have a life.
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Default Re: filters

Google "aquarium filters". You will find a lot of info there.
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Default Re: filters

I have been using the tetra whisper filters (bought at wal mart)for a year now. They are not anything special but they do the job w/ very little maintenance.
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Default Re: filters

Tim's own site here lists the different types of filters and how they work.


Filters shouldn't need to have too many parts or need to be cleaned too often...the bacteria does most of the work.

I have AquaOne Clear View HOB filters on all my tank (only HOB brand available in my LFS' ) the only parts they have are the water inlet tube, water flow knob, impellor and the 2 filter media cartridges...all of which are very easy to remove and rinse/clean if needed. I have never had any problems with them at all and I very rarely need to clean the actual filter itself.

Of course these filters aren't an option if your tank has a completely enclosed lid on it.

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