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Filters and Powerheads Questions and comments about aquarium filters and powerheads

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julie julie is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Default which filter???

hi all,
wondering has anyone got any idea`s on a filter for my 5ft tank???
it holds 260 litres 58 gallons water was looking for an internal one but seems to be a problem,?
do you have to go to external when the tank is larger
if so have you got any ideas on a good one been to my lfs and they
dont seem to have any that large???
would a fluval 305 be big enough or i have seen one by jebo???
it say`s for aquariums up to 460 litres 2300 litres per hour my guess this is ample but it doesnt look that big ???
ive seen them on ebay about 25+
thanks for any replys or advice on this really stuck on this
p.s im hoping to have angelfish loaches in here if that helps
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Dano Dano is offline
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Location: Goose Creek SC USA
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Default Re: which filter???

I am sure the Fluval 305 would be just fine.......I am a fan of HOB filters and use Emperor 400s.
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Sharon Sharon is offline
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Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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Default Re: which filter???

The Fluval 305 should be fine...I have that filter on my 55gal. and have had no problems.

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