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Lighting and Heaters Questions and comments about freshwater aquarium lighting and heaters.

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Default Re: Back-up heater?

It sounds like these generators, apart from the expensive ones, only run small amounts of wattage. I still maintain that the best ones to go for are the ones that run off gas, they seem to run longer on a small amount of fuel.

The below link is one i found on EBay for $450, it runs for 6.4hrs on every 1.2 gallons

Average cost of gas per gallon = $3.80
Minutes per Gallon ((6.4*60)/1.2) = 320
Cost per minute = $0.0118

Thats very cheap i think, if you had an outage for a day, it would cost around $16 to run the generator. This isnt a bad price to ensure your fish dont die

40 Gallon Tank - Currently Cycling

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