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Beginner Saltwater Questions and comments for the new saltwater aquarist.

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julie julie is offline
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Default seahorses

hi all,
this is a new one for me.
my sister wants a couple of seahorses well her birthday
is coming up and we thought great present???
i wanted to do abit of homework for her first,
from what ive read doesnt seem to bad but would rather
have some more info to compare!
so if anyone could point me in the correct direction here would be grateful.
i know she only wants 1 or 2 not sure think a couple would be better
feel 1 would be lonely???
have found 10 gallon tank is minium that allows 2-4 seahorses but there are so many questions so please can someone help me
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Default Re: seahorses

The first thing is to get the tank set up and cycled....Salt water creatures are much more sensitive to ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate than the fresh water critters................I would suggest reading up on starting up and maintaining a saltwater tank.....Read the posts in this sub forum and the info in the Saltwater topic at the top of the forum page.

The hard part in keeping seahorses if feeding them
the foods they need.
I got off the porch and ran with the big dogs. Now I can't get back on the porch!

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