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Gravel and Decorations Questions and comments about gravel and decorations

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19eddie82 19eddie82 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2008
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Default decorations

i was thinkig abotu getting some ornaments for my tank now that i think i have cleared up my alfea bloom and was wondering if any body had any ideas. my dad work on an oil rig or drilling platform and i have been looking round to see if i could maybe find d diecast model of a rig which i think would look good so if any body knows were i could get one please let me know.

other than this i really have no idea wat to do in the tank id like to have something eye catching a cool looking but the only thing they sell in my LFS is (for want of a better word) cheap tatt which looks a bit tacky and plastic.

any ideas would be great.

thanx eddie
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Sharon Sharon is offline
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Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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Default Re: decorations

You may be able to "pick up" rocks, and driftwood around your area and go for a natural look. Natural, beautiful, and cheap....

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Greensleeves Greensleeves is offline
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Default Re: decorations

I havent seen any oil rig ornaments... you could do a keyword search on google shopping if you would really like to try to find one.

I would also suggest browsing through the phot galleries here... you can get a lot of ideas. I believe it was Pwat who used Legos to create some unique & cute decorations for her tank...
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19eddie82 19eddie82 is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2008
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Default Re: decorations

ive tried looking on ebay and a few sites online but with no success so ile give google shopping a try.

as for finding stuff around my local area im from liverpool in the uk so i dont really get an cool looking drift wood or rocks washing up on the beach, i have however been thinking about terracotta plant pots for some hiding places and thought this would look cool.

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