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Filters and Powerheads Questions and comments about aquarium filters and powerheads

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Default which is better?

hey everyone,
this question has brothered me since i got started in this hobby.
what kind of filteration is better?
a normal hang on the back filter?
a hang on the back filter with bio wheels?
undergravel filter?
did I miss any?

I always heard canister filters are the best. but now I here that Biowheels are the way to go.

I never liked internal and undergravel seems so old fashion.

what do you guys use?
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Default Re: which is better?

My feeling is that you have to find the filtration system that suits your needs and situation......I prefer the bio wheel HOB and sump type wet/dry trickle filters.
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Default Re: which is better?

i prefer canasters myself, you have way more room for media and the flow is pretty good for circulation, and i clean it less often than a backpack
but its a pita to clean ,its heavy to move and usually its under the tank so your stressing your back to pull it out for maintenence

it looks like the bio wheels is the way to go for price and maintenece
and every pet store sells them

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