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Feeding Questions and comments about feeding fish

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sandygirl sandygirl is offline
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Default Algea eater

I purchased a alge eater and can not find out what I should feed it. I have a community tank that has been established for almost a year. I had one at the beginning and it died of starvation I think. This one is all over the tank and looks like it is happy. and does poop. but hasn't been around very long. I am not even sure what kind it is. It is mostly black and white sort of spot. Should a alge eater get different food?
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Greensleeves Greensleeves is offline
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Default Re: Algea eater

I supplement my algae eaters' diet with the algae wafers... they look very similar to the sinking wafers that I feed the bottom feeders, but these ones are for algae eaters....
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: Algea eater

Is it a true algae eater Sandy? perhaps it is one of the Corydorus catfish species. I would recommend trying to find out what it is, so you can make sure it is getting the correct diet. Probably not the best idea to buy a fish without knowing what it is ....no offence meant!

If it is an algae eater species, they basically eat algae and vegetable type matter and I would go along with Greensleeves suggestion, as you usually do need to suppliment their diet with algae wafers or spirulina tablets. If it is a Corydorus catfish then they will eat what most fish eat.

Is your fish any of these shown in the pics?




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