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Default Mollies fighting over algae tablet??

I guess I didn't know that Mollies liked them so much. There was an all out battle this morning over a tiny piece of one. Two of my Mollies think they rule the tank and they went head to head this morning. One is a black Molly and the other an orange and white one. Neither one wanted to give in but finally the orange one did. I thought I was going to have to separate them! They sure cleaned up the tablet in a big hurry! My Otos got a bit of it while the other two were going at it.

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Default Re: Mollies fighting over algae tablet??

It's the same way eith my fish when-ever I feed them shrimp.
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Default Re: Mollies fighting over algae tablet??

Molly's are alot more aggressive/territorial than people think.

I had a male molly that killed another male in minutes for no reason.
He also tried to kill a female molly that I had. (Now she is in my Qt tank recooperating)

Btw: My male died the other day probably from Karma.
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Default Re: Mollies fighting over algae tablet??

It's really just basic instinct Nancy - all fish can get aggressive when food is involved. They are programmed that way because in the wild fish never know when their next meal will be, so they make the most of it & eat as much as they can when food does come along - survival instinct.

Also a lot of fish do have a hierarchy (more so schooling fish) & the dominant fish wants to eat first (just like lions, where the male eats first) & will try & chase all the others away.

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