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Tropical Fish Compatibility Questions and comments about compatibility

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Default Re: Well, here goes nothing....

Congrats on your new puffer!

You may want to invest in an oblong 10g or larger tank one of these days as puffers love to swim across the tank. Over filtration is recommended due to their messy eating habits. They do best in a tank that is heavily planted/decorated. Once a week 30% to 50% water changes are recommended.

Becareful not to overfeed these cute little guys. They only need to be fed once a day with one day off during the week. Live snails are great for your puffer as it is one of the many things they would eat in the wild and will help keep their teeth trimmed so you wont have to trim them. Be sure to remove the snail shells afterwards so the tank will not become polluted fast. Ghost shrimp are good if you gut load them as they have no nutritional value otherwise although would be entertaining for the puffer. Putting these live critters in quarantine first is always recommended before putting them into your puffer tank. Soaking all freeze dried food in fish vitamins and tank water is good as freeze dried food contains air which is no good for puffers. I hand feed raw shrimp, cooked snow crab, and raw mussel to my puffers along with other foods.

Enjoy your new friend!
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Default Re: Well, here goes nothing....

I've read about trimming the teeth...it doesn't sound like a lot of fun!!!

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Default Re: Well, here goes nothing....

Well, DP teeth don't need to be trimmed like larger puffers; I couldn't even imagine doing that !
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