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ct21993 ct21993 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Default Snake oil and magic potions

Hi all,

If you've seen my other posts, you know that I'm just returning to the hobby after a 20 odd year layoff. I've been reading and researching before heading out to get a tank, just about set on cycling, water changing, testing and all that other stuff. The one thing I've noticed in all the magazines that I've read, is that you can get some kind magical cure for all the true and tried fish keeping methods listed on the forums that I've visited, even read about a filter that's so good you don't have to change the water. I suspect it's the same with most everything, nearly all of it's snake oil and 1 or 2 products really do what they say they do.

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Aquaman#1's Avatar
Aquaman#1 Aquaman#1 is offline
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Location: Warner Robins Georgia
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Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

Well I have not had any experience with it,but it sounds like on of them ad's where they just want your money.
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StormySkiez's Avatar
StormySkiez StormySkiez is offline
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Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

Sounds to good to be true? What kind of filter is it?
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ct21993 ct21993 is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 13
Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

Hi-Q Eco magic - Zero Water Exchange Aquarium Filter System

http://hiqtech.trustpass.alibaba.com... _System.html

I like the way they use the word MAGIC and no explanation on how the filter works
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Greensleeves's Avatar
Greensleeves Greensleeves is offline
Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: Pennsylvania
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Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

Well it looks interesting but I'm no chemist so I have no idea if that would hold up to its promises or not.

Hrmmm. The jury is out. Let's see what the experts have to say...
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

I'm no expert either but when I looked at it, the first thing that got my attention was that It didn't have the price listed. It also doesn't explain how it works (I know it looks like you have to contact them to get more info). It says you also need to add 2 additives weekly for best results. I don't believe it myself!!

I don't know if you would still need the usual filter, but the oxygen levels & buildup of chemicals in the water would concern me - In the wild, fish come from water that has a natural ebb & flow to it supplying fresh water all the time, which is one reason we have to do wat. changes. I really don't see how you wouldn't need to change the water at some point - over time something would have to give!

There is also the matter of evaporation which occurs naturally & you would have to replenish that water loss at some point.

The filter also looks hard to clean to me!

This reminds me of the scanning machine in the movie "Finding Nemo" - remember when all the fish tried to get the tank really dirty so the dentist would have to take them out to clean the tank, but he bought this machine that scanned the tank every 5 mins & kept it spotless. NO SUCH THING!!
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Sharon's Avatar
Sharon Sharon is offline
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Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

.....but wouldn't it be nice.

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joshjoh's Avatar
joshjoh joshjoh is offline
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Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

ya lol i wish
AKA Josh

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Dano's Avatar
Dano Dano is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: Goose Creek SC USA
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Default Re: Snake oil and magic potions

I went to Hi-Q Biotec Intl's web site and got a pretty good idea of what and how their filter works. Proper use and the additives that support the filter's function should make this filter system quite good. I didn't see the pricing or if there were different sizes. The theory behind the filter is based on using a medium to increase the surface area for maximum bacteria growth and by using "additives" to enhance the bacteria. I don't think it is any better than several other filtration systems on the market.

It is a fact that good biological/mechanical filtration systems will reduce the need for frequent large water changes in reasonably managed tanks. I did not write this to anger those who practice frequent water changes and I do not intend that water changes are unnecessary.

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