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Angelfish and Discus General questions and comments about angelfish and discus.

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Default Re: Thinking of Starting a Discus Tank

It has been only about 7 days since you vacuumed out the Carib sand, which probably disturbed the bio system.....I don't believe you mentioned whether your tank was cycled.........Have you tested the ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate?...................Now that you have added 6 new fish all at one time into the 55 gallon tank, I hope you watch everything very closely.....I have a bad feeling the tank wasn't ready for discus.

Also: Otos will harass Discus by trying to suck on their sides.
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lrmarks2003 lrmarks2003 is offline
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Default Re: Thinking of Starting a Discus Tank


The tank was cycled. The sand was removed but it was a combo sand/gravel mixture with the gravel remaining. The filter which is a Canister filter has been running for two years (+). I did not empty it on the move down so the bacteria was still present. I have and will be monitoring all of my conditions on a day to day basis. The ammonia and nitrite have been zero. The nitrate is 5.0 ppm. As a side note, with the pH I have my tank at (6.8 and slowly lowering) the ammonia should not form as readily. My KH is 8.5 degrees but Hans kept his tanks at 8.0 which is ok. I have had 3 cory cats and 2 ottos in the tank for over a month now on top of the bacteria in the canister. Plus I have been doing at least 20% RO water changes every 5 days with a small tap water change in between. Trust me when spending $200 on fish I will make sure the tank is ready and that I watch it like a hawk!

As for the ottos I have heard many differing opinions on them. Some people say yes some people say no. The same goes for Plecos and any other alge eater for that matter. Since I am also feeding them algae wafers on top of the algae in the tank this should lessen their chance of harassing my Discus. I will watch the ottos and if they start bothering the Discus then they will be removed.


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judiejml judiejml is offline
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Default Re: Thinking of Starting a Discus Tank

Well, it has been a while since your last post. How are the Discus doing and do you have nay pictures?

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55 gallon...10 Discus and 3 corries
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julie julie is offline
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Default Re: Thinking of Starting a Discus Tank

i was thinking the same thing there judie!
time for some pic`s you took the plunge,thats where i want to go
but wont be till end of year.
looking and reading!!
and i want a nice big tank for them

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