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Aquarium Tank Setup Ideas Pictures of our tanks to give ideas to everyone.

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Default A little help goes a long way

I finally got my 20 gallon tank. I set it up and its working really well. I want to know a few things though.
  • how long should i cycle it for? a week, 2 weeks?
  • whats a good amount of fish and/or type of fish for a 20 gallon that work well with livebearers?
  • if its ok, can i get some type of school fish which work well and dont get too large with livebearers?
  • what are some good "beginner fish" for the cycle? or should i just continue my fishless cycle?
Thank You in advance .
10 gallon: Female Cambodian Betta, 2 cories
20 gallon: planning to put some livebearers
Outside Pond: empty for the winter
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Default Re: A little help goes a long way

When I did cycling I used corydoras cats and never lost a one. They also live well with your live bearers.
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Default Re: A little help goes a long way

bristlenose go well too

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