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Aquarium Tank Setup Ideas Pictures of our tanks to give ideas to everyone.

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Default what to go for????

howdy fellow fish friends.

I have recently picked up a 6x2x2 tank.

the tank is already drilled for a sump type filter setup with a 6000Lp/h pump on the way. The tank also came with a fake stone backgrond which is yet to be glued in. I also have a mate measuring the tank up for a cabinet so it wont look so tacky.

I have 2, 2 foot tanks at the moment with a selection (from the local pet shop) of bristlenose, black widows, redeyes, cory's, and molleys in one ->

and cory's, sword tails and goldies in the other ->

Both of the smaller tanks were a 1/2 baked way of doing things and the big one will be done properly.

So far I am looking at either a selection of african cichlids or american cichlids. The problem is I like the placid schooling fish. Neon tetras and cardinal tetras are my all time favorite other than the bristlenose and wobbygong (port jackson shark).

so what else with the information available could I go for. I don't want to change my mind 1/2 way thru a setup.

Will a planted tank this size cost me a fortune to keep well lit? Unfortunately I want the tank to be the showpiece and people to notice the fish later.
Oh I'm in north queensland where the temp in my 2 footers averages between 25 - 30 deg celcius. (not sure what the big tank will be tho)

any help is muchly appreciated.

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Default Re: what to go for????

First I want to say,welcome to Tim's Tropical Fish Forum! Next I want to say that I am going to estimate that your tank is a 65 gallon. Well a 65 gallon is large enough for a Cichlid Tank,so you will be fine if you get cichlids,and other semi aggressive fish.

But there are so many cichlids,that's why scientists have divided them. So there are African Cichlids & South American Cichlids.

South American Cichlids tend to be less aggressive than their close cousins in Africa. If you want a African Cichlid tank,I suggest that the only fish you add with them are Plecos,Knife Fish,and Large Loaches like Clown Loaches.

If you want South American Cichlids,then you can have a wider varity of fish in your tank.

Remember it is not good to mix Africans with South Americans. They will most likly fight. I have sucessfully kept them together but it is not a great idea.
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Default Re: what to go for????

cheers for the welcome

so far I can get electric yellows and blue dolpin (I think) pretty easily. I love the midnight peakocks too but not sure on availability. it would seem a waste to have such a large tank with only 3 or 4 types tho so I also want to add some bristlenose and some clown loaches.

and that's as far as I have got for now. it will be a month or 2 before I have the tank ready for fish anyway. The tank is upstairs on a timber based floor so I need to lay a concrete foundation and make a steel frame to brace the floor especially during cyclone season. old queenslanders arn't the best design for this size tank .

I would like to have a solid idea before everything arives tho.

so I have pleanty of time....... that and rome wasn't built in a day
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Default Re: what to go for????

Good thoughts about bracing the floor
I like the neons & cardinals too... have no experience with chiclids though...

I have two light strips above my 20 gallon tank and it really doesnt cost me that much. Your tank however, is huge compared to mine and I dont know what eletricity runs down in Oz... perhaps you could check with yout LFS and see what people there have to say?

As for plants, I have heaps of luck with Cabomba caroliniana, Myriophyllum aquaticum and Hygrophila corymbosa. The hygro grows amazingly fast. I give away starter packs of it every other month. These three plants are relatively inexpensive too... you can have a lush, well-planted tank in about two month's time. They're not super fancy, but very low maintenance You can just snip off at a segment where you see the little root hairs, stick it into your substrate and away it goes... (I also add fertilizer regularly) also have had luck with a variety of swords too... it looks like you have hygro in your tanks already... and the cabomba as well...

oOоO,oO - G~s
30 gal. - 1 platy, 1 yoyo, 3 bronze & 3 pepper cories, misc swarm of guppies, 3 neons
10 gallon assort guppies & platy
3 - 3 gallons 1 betta each
1 - 75 gallon - 2 raphael catfish, 1 melanistus cory, 5 trilineatus, 3 kuhlis, 10 diamond tetras, 5 albino danios, 7 panda cory

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Default Re: what to go for????

6x2x2 (72in x 24in x 24in) is about 180 US gallons. Would weigh in excess of 1,500lbs. That is a nice big tank. Good luck and have fun.
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Default Re: what to go for????

For your size tank I would recommend cichlids. (one of my pet peevs is when people put small fish in huge tanks).

Once you decide what cichlid you want, research it and build your tank around that fish. (compatibility, temperature, ph, and decor)

Good luck and congrats on the huge tank.
55 gallon: 4 angels, 2 discus, Amazon tetras, corys, 1 sml flag cichlid, Farlowellas.
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10 gallon: Krib fry!!!
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Neoblaze (Aka Cole )
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Default Re: what to go for????

I agree with others. It will be a great tank for Cichlids. You can either add real rocks or do a fake one like this:
30 Gal: Ram Cichlid, 6 Cardinal Tetras, Honey Gourami, Upsidedown Catfish, 2 Otos, Ghost Shrimp, Amano Shrimp, Cherry Shrimp
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Default Re: what to go for????

that's a brilliant link Mrudzki thanks.
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Default Re: what to go for????

That IS a lovely background...but you would still need LOTS of real rocks for some cichlids. They absolutely need hiding places.....

5 gal... Robin, (Betta)
5 gal...Pete, (Betta)
5 gal...Scotty(Betta)
10 gal...Female Betta Sororiety
10 gal... Neons, Glolights and Cardinals, 1 Oto
10 gal... Ram Pair
29 gal... Mbuna Tank
29 gal... Krib Pair, Tiger Barbs, Tetras, 2 Otos
55 gal...5 Australian Rainbows, 1 Angel Fish, 1 Blue Gourami, 6 Congo Tetras, 1 Leopard Ctenopoma, 1 Clown Pleco, 1 UpsideDown Catfish,5 Otos, 1 Bronze Cory, 2 Peppered Cories,2 Panda Cories
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Default Re: what to go for????

I agree as well that cichlids would be great in that tank, size wise (Nice pics. BTW).

If you want the tank to be the first thing that people notice (which I"m sure they will ) & the fish 2nd as you say, it may not matter what fish you have & if you really like the neons/cardinals etc. you could go with some huge shoals of various varieties of shoaling fish, (sorry Cole) just another option - it really is a matter of personal preference.

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