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Aquarium Tank Setup Ideas Pictures of our tanks to give ideas to everyone.

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Default quick question???

i am gonna set my son up a 10 gallon tank..its not set up and hasnt been no water in it. i read about putting danios in it to help getting everything the way it should be...how long do i wait to add the danios?as soon as i set the tank up, or a few days from now?we ear headed to town and was gonna pick some up if i can add them right away????
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Default Re: quick question???

You can add them straight away, but I must emphasise that even hardy fish like danios can be stressed by the cycling process and you always have to be prepared that some may die (hopefully not), but if you keep a very close eye on the water parameters during cycling and do the necessary water changes when needed it should be OK.

Fishless cycling is always the best way to go as far as the fish are concerned but if adding fish straight away, you can move some of the gravel from your established tank into the new tank and use the media from it as well, it will help... I personally do not fully believe that a tank can be instantly cycled by doing this but I do believe that it helps, as long as you have an ammonia source to keep the bacteria alive.

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sesquipedalianis sesquipedalianis is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: louisiana
Posts: 278
Default Re: quick question???

i normally do a fishless cycle and do not know too much about doing it with fish in there..

what is a safe time to let it go without fish for a 10 gallon. i ahve normally gone 2 weeks and have had no problems with that.. what is anyone elses advice, opinion,ideas....
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Default Re: quick question???

Sorry, I have no idea. I always do fishless.
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Default Re: quick question???

I use my comet goldfish (just one) after 1 week of fishless cycling and letting the water calm. Then i just start adding more and more fish. I see how the first fish reacts then the second.
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Default Re: quick question???

Wait at least a week. And agree on adding one at a time. Good luck.
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