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Default Here is how I breed My bettas

Here is a good way to breed bettas. Well get a 2-10 gallon tank. Then get a Styrofoam cup. Cut in in 1/2 then get some rocks and hiding spaces for the females. Fill the tank 1/2 way. Add your male. Let the male stay in there for 1-2 days. So he will think it is his territory. Then 1-2 days latter add the female. Not in there with him. Get a net breeder or breeding trap and put her in there. Just make sure you remove the V divider in the breeding trap. Now let your female stay in there for 1-3 days depending on how aggressive your male is.
If your male is not really aggressive then add her in a day. If your male is agressive then add her in two days. If he is EXtremly agressive add her in three days. See the Idea is to get him usedto her in his territory. Also the male Flares at her the same reason a Male peacock shows his feathers at the female. He wants to show her how big and pretty he is. He doesn't want to be mean.

After your 1-3 days add her. Yes he will maby bite her and chase her. But don't feel sorry for her and take her out. Only take her out if she is like Finless not fins and is about to die. Otherwise leave her in there. The male should have already started to built and construst his bubblenest. After 1-4 days they will embrace each other. The female comes up to his nest and clamps her fins. And nudges him. Then he gets the idea ok I know what you want. They will Embrace sevral times.The males picks up the eggs and puts then in the nest. The female stills lies motionless at the top for 30-60 secoonds. Then she helps the male put the eggs in the nest. Once they are done the male now sees the female as a threat. He chases her off and trys to kill her. Put her in some treated water with bettamax. To help heal her fins. Her fins will grow back.

The males then Should tend to his eggs after this by cleaning them and yes eating some of the dead eggs. Sometimes the male is to young to know how to raise then the right way. After the fry become free swimming remove the male and feed the fry Infurisa,and boiled egg olk. Tiny bits now. Add two snails to help clean up the mess.
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Default Re: Here is how I breed My bettas

It really is a GOOD way!
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Default Re: Here is how I breed My bettas

Thanks for this!! I will have to do try this before this year ends.
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