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Topics for Debate Give your opinions on topics that are hotly debated, such as glofish and conditions for bettas

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Default Betta fin rot

I'm just tossing this thread out here to see what kind of experiences people have had with their bettas and fin rot.

As aforementioned in another thread, I stated that I usually have 4 or 5 bettas hanging er floating around here.. and at any given time, it seems like one will have a case of fin rot.

They all get the same treatment, weekly or twice-weekly water changes.
On fish that have had fin rot, I tend to change their water twice weekly.

But it seems like the fish still get it. I have one betta, Flame, that I have had for a year that has never had fin rot. The rest are newer fish that I've had for less that six months. I currently have a crown tail that seems to have a swim bladder problem and had fin rot at one time and is now recovering.

I'm wondering if over-breeding is turning out weakened sickly fish that are more susceptible to disease...

Any thoughts?
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