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Plants Questions and comments about freshwater plants

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Zodiac007 Zodiac007 is offline
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Default Will plants survive without CO2 injections?

I'm planning to heavily plant my 50 gallon freshwater aquarium with many plants and drift wood.

I was thinking that since I have many fiishes, is it still neccessary to add CO2 injections into the tank? or will they die without co2 injection?

I have
- 10 harlequin rasbora
- 7 cardinal tetra
- 1 male betta
- 1 rainbow shark
- 1 britle nose pleco

So will those fish be able to give off enought CO2 to keep my plants alive or will I still need to add extra CO2?

Thank you.
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Default Re: Will plants survive without CO2 injections?

If you are going to really get into planted aquariums you need to research plants and the methods of keeping them healthy. To get show quality planted tanks requires some application of technology.

No you do not need co2 for an average low tech tank........Flourish Excel is an additive that can be used if you see a need for co2, but don't want to commit to a co2 rig..........Light will be the biggest factor in success with plants..........1 watt of light per gallon would be the minimum and 2 or 3 watts would be even better......There are many brands of aquarium plant fertilizers available.......................There is a Plant Topic at the top of the forum page....check it out.
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