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Tropical Fish Compatibility Questions and comments about compatibility

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juju juju is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
Posts: 16
Default tank size

Hi all could anyone pleze advise me on how many fish i could have in a 150ltr tank i think 26or27 gall? i have only been into this for 1& half years i have in total 42 fish in there but most are very small the only big fish when they grow will be 2 angels & 2 clown loach others are 3 black skirt 5 corydoras 3 neon 6 cardinal 6 glowlight 7 penguin 7 cherrys & 1 panda garra is this tooooo much
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Dano Dano is offline
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Location: Goose Creek SC USA
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Default Re: tank size

You should have less than twentyfour in that size tank....
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fairghum fairghum is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 16
Default Re: tank size

Definitely too many fish in that tank!!! I'm surprised the angels haven't eaten the neons!
Jude in Oregon

40 gal breeder: 4 tiger barbs, 6 black ruby barbs, 2 aurelius barbs, red tail shark, clown loach, 4 cories, rubber nosed pleco, and a sailfin pleco (Rumsfeld)
29 gal: 6 rosy barbs (some home grown), 4 cherry barbs, 2 new dwarf neon rainbows, red tail shark, 7 cories, and a sailfin pleco (Karl- after Karl Rove), 2 otos
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