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Odd Balls , Puffers, Sharks and Predators Questions and comments about odd balls, puffers, sharks and predators.

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Default Do Dwarf Puffers Puff?

I know its a silly question but ive been looking through all the threads and i havent seen any mention of the dwarf puffer puffing up, does this happen?

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Default Re: Do Dwarf Puffers Puff?

Dwarf Puffers can puff but I would guess they probably do not do it very often. It is not recommended to cause them to puff. It is quite a site to see a puffer puff but.... Puffing is a sign of stress. All of the puffer species are able to puff. It is a defense mechanism.

I have had my green spotted puffers 11 months and they have never puffed.

I think DP's are a great choice to start w/ puffers. They are small and fresh water. You can have a real planted tank with them if wanted. They can be bred and kept w/ multiple DP's if you set the tank up right. Make sure you are sold the real dwarf puffers and not the green spotted puffers. I have heard of that happening before. GSP's require 30g per fish full grown and high end brackish water. Breeding has never been documented. They can be very aggressive w/ their tank mates and cost a bundle to keep.

Here is a very good article on DP's: http://www.tropicalfishforum.net/sho...=dwarf+puffers

For more info on DP's or any other puffer check out thepufferforum.com
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