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Bettas Questions and comments about bettas

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sandygirl sandygirl is offline
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Default Bettas

I was thinking of getting some Bettas for my small tank. The pet store person told my if I get the male I picked out and the 2 females to keep them seperated untill the females got bigger. I don't have enough tanks to do that so I left them. Is it right that small females should be kept seperate from the male. How big should the females be before they can live together? I don't no anything about Betta fish, except that I really like them.
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Default Re: Bettas

how big is the tank????
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Default Re: Bettas

If you are not wanting to breed bettas don't get females. The male betta will be more peaceful without having females there to keep him revved up.
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Bernie Bernie is offline
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Default Re: Bettas

Absolutely! unless going to breed them, you shouldn't keep male/females together at all - the male will be too agressive towards her & may even end up killing her. Even when breeding, the female should only be introduced to him very slowly after he has built a bubble nest & after they have spawned & eggs have been laid, you have to remove the female because of his aggression towards her.

Female betta's can be kept together but this can depend on their personalities & space. Keeping 3-4 females is better than 2. I had 2 females betta's in a 10 gall. once & they nearly tore each apart (females can be just as aggressive as the male), so I had to separate them, later on I had 4 females in a 10 gall. & they were fine.

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