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Feeding Questions and comments about feeding fish

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Question feeding my fish store bought frozen shrimp...

hi all

i recently bought a new Indonesian Datnoid for my 55 gallon. he only will eat frozen shrimp from the market. i have been thawing out frozen cooked shrimp and cutting it up into small pea sized chunks and feeding him twice a day. is this OK? will feeding him shrimp screw up the water in my tank? i hope this does not affect my filter media or contaminate the water...

also, does the shrimp provide all the nutrients my fish will need? my Green Sevrums also enjoy the shrimp....what about them? should i be worried about them??

thanks for any help!
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Default Re: feeding my fish store bought frozen shrimp...

I feed all my fish frozen defrosted store bought shrimp. I thaw it in fish vitamins. Along with a good variety of other fish foods and F&D raw mussel. Raw is more nutritious. And feeding variety of foods is best.

As long as you don't let uneaten food rot in the tank your water parameters should be fine.
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Default Re: feeding my fish store bought frozen shrimp...

I don't know how big your dat is, but you can bet it will eat feeder fish! They have large mouths and when they are a foot long they can eat 6 inch fish.
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Default Re: feeding my fish store bought frozen shrimp...

I have a community tank with swords, molleys, betta, and loach. and many fry. I bought frozen Mysi Shrimp and put one block in the tank and they loved it. It took awhile for them to figure it out but in the end even Loach and Betta started eating it. It sayes on the package not to use it as a main diet. How often should I give them this treat. Also I gave some to my gold fish and they ate it all.

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Default Re: feeding my fish store bought frozen shrimp...

I would go for twice a week (3 at most). I only feed my fish frozen shrimp once a week, because they also get either... frozen bloodworm's, frozen community dinner blocks or frozen daphnia during the week as well.

Some frozen brine shrimp does not offer that much nutritional value. It can have a laxative affect helping to clear their system, but too much of it and other frozen foods can cause intestinal blockages or constipation.

I always defrost the frozen block in a bit of the tank water first, using one of those little plastic medicine measuring cups before I feed it to the fish....If they accidentally eat it while it is still frozen or even too cold, it can cause health problems and not good for their digestive tract.

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