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Articles Write an article on a tropical fish species or aquarium care and share it with members here or simply write a note asking for something you've read elsewhere on the forum to be copied to this section.

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Sharon Sharon is offline
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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Default Re: Article - Dwarf Puffers

Awwwww...trimming the teeth sounds like so much fun!!!

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Neoblaze550 Neoblaze550 is offline
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Default Re: Article - Dwarf Puffers

I remember that the ones I used to have loved to eat snails.

What happens if the beak gets to big does it curl. My old rabbit used to have that problem and we had to clip them.
55 gallon: 4 angels, 2 discus, Amazon tetras, corys, 1 sml flag cichlid, Farlowellas.
40 gallon: 2 Gold Severum, 2 Butterfly fish, krib fry, 1 female convict, 1 BP.
29 gallon: 3 Kribs, 3 Keyholes, 1 Butterfly cichlid, Krib fry
10 gallon: Krib fry!!!
8 gallon: 1 Male betta
Neoblaze (Aka Cole )
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Jasandjules Jasandjules is offline
Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: Between Winchester and Southampton,Hampshire UK
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Default Re: Article - Dwarf Puffers

If their teeth aren't kept under control they will starve because they can't open their mouths!
12 Gallon...1 Betta
20 Gallon...1 Fan Tail and 1 Comet
28 Gallon...Guppies, neons and and Otos
90 Gallon...7 Tiger , 11 Green and 4 Albino Barbs, a Rainbow Shark and flying foxes
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Mark-Discus-king Mark-Discus-king is offline
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Location: Bronx NY
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Default Re: Article - Dwarf Puffers

They are great little critters. I sometimes add salt to my display tanks that they're in. But they always seem to be in good shape.

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