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Stocking Tank Tips Information for stocking your tank.

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Zodiac007 Zodiac007 is offline
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Default How's this 50G setup plan?

50 gallon long aquarium. 36" x 15" x 21"
- 10 harlequin rasboras
- 8 cardinal tetras
- 1 britlenose pleco ( 6" max )
- 1 male betta
- 3 oto catfish
- java fern
- java moss
- pennywort
- amazon frogbit
- wisteria
- water sprite
- anubias
- crystal wort
- orchid lily
- large drift wood

Hagen's Aqua Glo lighting.

Flourish Excel 1/2 a cap a day.

Medium water flow Heater set to 24 Celsius

Hopes this works out well.

* I'm going to take the chance and hope that the male betta will be not overly aggressive, like the one I had

Thank you.
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alan j t alan j t is offline
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Default Re: How's this 50G setup plan?

i like the sound of fish you have on your list
make sure the tank is cycled and add a few fish at a time

what kind of substrate are you using?
how many watts are the bulbs?

i personally never liked the hagen light.
its a little over priced unless you find a good deal

i use excel and it works for me
diy co2 is the way to go,but i got sick of refilling the bottles

sounds like all low light plants

looks like your off to a really go start

keep us posted

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