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Gouramis Questions and comments about gouramis.

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Default Re: Three Spot Gourami

Hi sharon,

Just spotted the post. Nice little addition to the tank you have their. How is she doing I wonder. Has she settled in nicely and ruling the tank, or is she behaving lol

There's more to fishkeeping than meets the eye.
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Sharon Sharon is offline
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Default Re: Three Spot Gourami

She's still in the 10gal. all alone, except for an Oto. She's really quite small. I'm going to be out of town quite a bit during the summer, so I may not put her in the 55gal. until the fall. I want to be here to keep an eye on things when I move her....

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Default Re: Three Spot Gourami

My 2 Opelines arnt Teratorial at all. But you have to make shure 1 male 1female. otherwise ! female dies ( leart it the hard way).
50 Gal: 1 Hybrid Black Malboro Discus, 2 wild Turquoise Red Discus, 2 Opeline Gouramis, Breeding Pair Of Scarlet Kribs, 2 Elegans Corys, 1 Clown Pleco and 1 Ghost Knife.

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8 Gallon heated Vase: 1 Beat-up Red Fringetail Betta.

3 Gallon Vase( i am getting a bigger on this weekand): 1 Lavender female betta.

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