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Gouramis Questions and comments about gouramis.

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Default Bubbles!

I have 3 females and 1 male gouramis. Now I've read that when the they are ready to mate, the male will make a bubble nest at the surface. I have just recently noticed my male gouramis blowing bubbles at the edges of the tank. there very small, and since i have a fairly strong current they don't stay there. should i be realistic expecting young. now i was told to lower the tank to halfway and use mechanical filter although, i can't do either because a mechanical bubble filter will disturb the surface, and mechanical with make a current. also if i were to separate the pair, i would have no idea which of them would possibly be pregnant. as i write this, he is blowing little tiny bubbles in the corner. and hes being quite persistent. does this mean young?
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Default Re: Bubbles!

Take two or three flat thin pieces of Styrofoam (bottom of a coffee cup) and link them together with sewing thread and a needle to make a little 4 inch or so raft. Use the thread to tie the raft in the corner furtherest from the filter out flow. If you had some green plastic lids that float, you could use them instead of Styrofoam. The idea is to imitate floating plants and leaves that they normally build their nests under and around. Your male should blow his bubbles there and they should stick to the floating peices in the corner. Good luck and keep us posted.
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