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Bettas Questions and comments about bettas

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Lightbulb Do-It-Yourself Betta Filter

Most people who have ever kept a betta in a small filtered tank (say 5 gallons or less) know that strong water current can be a problem. My betta is in a 5 gallon tank and I have an AquaClear filter with an adjustable flow. Even on its lowest setting the current was still too much for my betta. And his fins kepts getting stuck on the intake valve! I went out and bought another filter designed for "delicate fish who prefer a lower current" and while my betta was much happier with the calmer waters, I don't think the filter was doing its job very well.

I did an internet search and found a cheap/practically free way of further adjusting the flow rate of my AquaClear, and modified the plan slightly to suit my betta's needs. First cut off the top of a 500mL water bottle and then slice it vertically. This will be the "shield" that you can silicone to the intake vale without affecting its suction (silicone the mouth of the bottle just above where suction begins so that the rest of the bottle covers the intake). Be sure to put a line of silicone along any of the cut edges so your fish won't cut himself!

Now take the other part of the water bottle and cut off the bottom so that you have a tube. Cut one side of this tube to make a "C" shape. This is what will be attached to the filter output to slow down the waterfall. I even used hole punch to put four holes in the plastic to disperse the waterfall. I have just put the filter back on the tank and so far my betta seems OK with the flowrate, and I'm much happier with the AquaClear back on the tank. I've attached some pictures to help explain the steps a little better. Enjoy!!
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Default Re: Do-It-Yourself Betta Filter

Thanks for this. Maybe you can add a copy of this in the DIY section. I was thining how to do something similar but this seems a lot better
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Smile Re: Do-It-Yourself Betta Filter



I think I will try that too! I have the exact same filter on my 5 gallon. Im planning to put my Betta in it, so it would be perfect.

Cheers! You rock Gillian!!!

Vanessa B.
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Default Re: Do-It-Yourself Betta Filter

Haha Thanks Vanessa!! So far it's working very well, although I'm starting to get a little algae buildup on the plastic that I attached to the water output, but it looks like will be fairly easy to clean off. I even hvae the flowrate on maximum rather than a lower setting (which is best for proper filter functioning). So far so good!! I say go for it!
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Default Re: Do-It-Yourself Betta Filter

I just had to share this, I am so excited & Pele' (my betta) is too . I bought Pele' a new 10Gall tank for Christmas and some of you may know i tried Gillian's Betta filter with success but the surface water was still a bit jerky for his liking, even on low setting so i removed the plastic and added extra foam which made the water flow just like it is in Gillian's pic.(plse see last pic. in begin.of post) but after a while the water would splash back and eventually the back of the tank between the glass & wallpaper background became wet and i had to keep adjusting the flow rate so i thought with his new premises i would try the betta filter again. This time though using Gillian's idea but changing it a little bit (Sorry Gillian ) and still using the extra foam, I just attached a straight small bit of clear, medium hard, thin plastic (it's the plastic sheets you use in overhead projectors that you get from the newsagents, i forget the proper name for them) the same length as the end of the filter, where the water flows down into the tank just by using double-sided tape on one end & the other end is submersed in the water by about 1cm and now the water just flows from the end of the filter onto the plastic (without any backsplash) and into the water smoothly without any surface agitation - you can see the water is still circulating properly but so smooth it will not upset bubblenests.

I haven't any plastic around the intake as in Gillian's pic. yet as Pele' doesn't seem to have any problems with it so far. The only worry i have about the bit of plastic i'm using, is the end that is in the water may be a bit sharp, i may have to put a bit of tape over it or something, will have a keep an eye on it.

Pele' seems to approve & he even has a twinkle in his eye that wasn't there before.

I should take a pic. forgot sorry!! and i am hopeless at explaining things so i hope this makes sense

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