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DIY (Do It Yourself) Provide ideas for building your own equipment, tanks and decorations

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Default Suction Cup Plants

Before I was having a lot of trouble with the fake plastic plants that have a little dish that you bury under the gravel to hold the plant in place. My problem was every time a would go to clean my tank, i would filter through the gravel and mess up the plants then have to stick my hand underwater to get the plant back on position, which was really annoying. I noticed that they sell plants with suction cups on the bottom but where I live, there is a very limited amount available. This is my solution that I though I would share with you!

You Need:
-A Drill
-Suction Cups
-Plastic Plant
-Small Drill Bit
-Large Drill Bit

First you take the small drill bit, and drill a hole through the center of the suction cup. Next take the larger drill bit, and drill halfway through the top of the suction cup. make sure you don't go all the way through, or it is pretty well ruined. From there disassemble the plant. take the small male connector piece and place it through the hole on the bottom of the suction cup. Then, the female end should fit into the hole you drill and also into the small connector piece. push the pieces together firmly and there you have it. A plant that you can put on the bottom or side of your tank that won't move

i could only fit 5 photos of the 8 i took so ill make another thread so you can see the finished result
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Default Re: Suction Cup Plants

That's a neat idea...Thanks for sharing!!!

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