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Breeding Questions and comments about breeding tropical fish

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Question Need Advice

I have a pair of Jewel Cichlids which have laid eggs in their 55g community tank. The eggs were scattered in the gravel, so I decided to leave them be, put a divider in the tank, and I'm hoping for the best. Well, the eggs are starting to hatch and I am stoked!

I really need some advice on how to care for the fry. What do I feed them? HOW do I feed them, given they are in such a large environment? Can I leave the parents with them once they are hatched? The pair have been taking turns burrowing in the gravel and warding off any visitors to the divider. Any advice is a huge help!!!
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Default Re: Need Advice

Cichlids are good parents so they should be ok with the new hatchlings.

I feed my cichlid fry finely crushed flake food squirted to them with a medicine dropper, shrimp pellets, and sometimes baby brine shrimp.

Good luck with your fry.
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