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Tropical Fish Compatibility Questions and comments about compatibility

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Akeath Akeath is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2008
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Default Need help seeing if choices are compatible, and deciding on one more species

I'm planning a 75 gallon tropical tank, and I'm trying to choose which fish to put in it.

So far, I've decided I would like to have Cory Cats (either Panda, Dainty, or Peppered), Dwarf Neon Rainbows, Harlequin Rasboras, and Neon Tetras.

I need input on whether the ones I'm already thinking of would be compatible, and what species would mix well with all of them. I'm looking for a fish that won't overpopulate my tank (and I would really really like one that will stay in the original numbers I choose), is usually captive bred, and has some color that would contrast well with the other fish, that is, one that doesn't look a lot like the ones I already have. I also want it to be very peaceful, not territorial or a fin-nipper or anything like that.

I would greatly appreciate any input.

Oh, and on a side note; is a 75 gallon too large to realistically go through a fishless cycle? If so, are any of the fish I'm planning on hardy enough to go through a cycle with?
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alan j t's Avatar
alan j t alan j t is offline
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Location: reno nv
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Default Re: Need help seeing if choices are compatible, and deciding on one more species

your stock list sounds fine to me
i love a shoal of cories,i have 9 in my 55

you could easily double that. like 10 panda and 10 patch cories

i had rasboras once and they are one of the best schoolers i ever saw

i always wanted dwarf rainbows the colors are as cool as neons
and are active to keep your tank alive

neons are ok,if they are the only ones in the tank like 50
then the display is very cool

ive never tried a fishless cycle before.
i just ran a new filter on a tank already cyled for like 4 weeks
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juju juju is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
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Default Re: Need help seeing if choices are compatible, and deciding on one more species

Hi akeath sounds great 75 galls whats that in litres? I've been told Mollies are very hardy but only get males if you don't want to over populate & you can get some lovely coloures.I love gouramis you can get them in three spot,gold,pearl & opalene. I also think bala sharks are lovely to watch chasing one another around hope it helps.

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