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Barbs and Danios Questions and comments about barbs and danios.

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TigerBarb TigerBarb is offline
Join Date: Oct 2007
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Default Re: tiger barb community

i have a a fire mouth and 2 coloubian tetra's with seven tiger barbs they do very well it's a young firemouth though goodluck
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uchi-mata uchi-mata is offline
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Default Re: tiger barb community

Originally Posted by barbman View Post
hi im gettting a 55 gallon aquarium for christmas and was wondering wht can i put with a school of tiger barbs and do u have an idea of how many barbs can i get aslo do u think i can get an oscar or two??
If you are looking for a cichlid as a tankmate , I keep them with kribs and firemouths. The number of tiger barbs you want in the 55 is going to affect your options for tankmates. If you keep the school at 7-8 you have alot of options. If you are looking for a big school 12-15 a couple smaller bottom feeders like corydoras would be fine.
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deramuskyle deramuskyle is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2008
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Default Re: tiger barb community

Originally Posted by Jasandjules View Post
Adding to the school a week at a time will be fine, I have a community of 23 barbs that was built up several at a time and there was never any hint of a problem adding newbies. You take a risk with only 5, 8 is considered the minimum number to best ensure they leave other fish alone, but there is never any guarantee with them and most keepers believe they are best in a species tank.

5 isnt that risky, I've got 5 in with 2 kuli loaches and no problems
30 gallon= 9 tigers (3 green 3 albinos 3 normal) 2 kulis 1 opaline 1 pleco need 3 opalines
20 gallon= maybe black widow tetras?
10 gallon= ?
5 gallon= Green Terror
3 gallon= will be guppies
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Default Re: tiger barb community

deramuskyle, Jasandjules made the post you are responding to on 12-20-07. I haven't seen them on the forum in quite a long time. They were nice people and quite knowledgeable.
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