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Disease Questions and comments about fish diseases.

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tvoislow3 tvoislow3 is offline
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Default Has this Happened to Anyone Before

About a month ago, I did a water change. Same as usual. At the time I did the water change, I also changed my tank to a new light. One with more wattage. From about 18 watts T8 to 2 12watt T5s. 40 Gallon Breeder Tank. After I did this I lost 10 small Tetras over 2 days. Kerri Tetras, Neon Tetras and Black Neon tetras. All Very Healthy before I did this.

Has this happened to any of you before? I am thinking the lighting change along with the stress of the water change was just too much for some of these little guys. I really felt bad after this happened. All fish in there very healthy now. Thinking about switching back to the old light anyway as I have read that tetras like less light.
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Default Re: Has this Happened to Anyone Before

Hi tvoislow3. That is very odd. sorry you lost your tetras. Have no idea if the light caused the deaths.

I do turn of the lights earlier on my tetra tank because they do in fact like less lighting.
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Default Re: Has this Happened to Anyone Before

I doubt seriously that the increase from 18 watts to 24 watts would have much effect on anything....How long do you keep the light on?......How much water did you change?....Did you use a good water conditioner and did the temperature of the change water match your tank water.....What is the quality of your tap water?......What were the ph, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels when the fish died.....Did the fish have any disease symptoms or odd behavior before they died?

Tetras will do well in moderate light..24 watts on a 40 gallon tank is low to moderate lighting.
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