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Water Quality and Algae Questions and comments about water quality.

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toomie toomie is offline
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Default Question about fishless cycling

So I finally have a tank set up for one of my bettas (I now have 5, but that`s another story, lol) and I originally decided to do a fishless cycle. I went to 5 different stores looking for pure ammonia, but only one of them had what might be useable...it said "clear" ammonia, and the label said it "contained" ammonia. It had no color, but when I shook it, there seemed to be some fizzing going on, so I didn`t buy it. I also called several places with no luck....

So today I went to a lfs and bought 2 live potted plants. Both are now in the tank, and I am going to start setting up my 5 gallon, so one of the plants will go in there.

My question is, would it be ok to just use a live plant in each tank to do a fishless cycle? Should I take some of the planting material out of the pots and put it directly into my filter? Maybe throw in some fish food to break down into ammonia? Will I go crazy waiting for the tanks to spike and finally cycle completely?
Also, if I`m not adding ammonia (other than the fish food) do I still need to do daily readings, or will 2 or 3 times a week do?

Sorry if these sound like dumb questions. I`m new to this.
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toomie toomie is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2009
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Default Re: Question about fishless cycling

I guess that was a lot more than just one question, lol!
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Default Re: Question about fishless cycling

What size is this tank you are talking about?...Is the Betta the only fish going into the tank?.............You can use the Betta to produce the ammonia...If it is the only fish it will slowly produce the waste needed for the bacteria if you do not over feed and change 10 to 15% of the water about once a week......................You can get "spirits of ammonia" at most pharmacies.

Just plant the plants...Don't put anything in the filter.....Many plants will do fine if left right in the little pot.

Let the water sit for a week and put the Betta in.....Check the water then and again in a week....Write down your test results so you can compare them as you go......Remember that Bettas are tropical fish and need to be kept warm constantly (76 to 80*F)...............Also read the sticky about cycling at the top of this page.
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toomie toomie is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2009
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Default Re: Question about fishless cycling

My tank is a 3 gallon. There will be one betta in it after it is cycled.
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acenorm acenorm is offline
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Default Re: Question about fishless cycling

I have cycled 3 tanks with just a piece of raw salmon that my wife had in the freezer. I just cut off a 1/2 inch piece and put it in the tank. It will break down and produce the ammonia you need. It is easier than putting food in the tank every day. The bigger the tank the bigger the piece of fish. You can use any kind of fish and it will work. Just keep checking your water stats,(ammonia, nitrites and nitrates) to watch the cycle.

Best Regards,

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